daily greetings from the dishwasher

"the kitchen window"


The view through my kitchen window is always the same.

Nevertheless, no day, nor night have been the same.

If you focus your attention on a small section of your own life,
only then the diversity of constant change shows,
which we no longer perceive in everyday life.
I started the kitchen window project in 2016.
Since than I have been taking pictures in regular intervals
from my kitchen window.
Several hundred photos have been taken over the past few years.
While taking photos I had several visits from squirrels, blackbirds,
various insects and even one night, just before Halloween, from three bats.

some photos from the exhibition you can see here

"the kitchen window"


backwards into the future


paintings of the past 25 years viewing into the oncoming

Since I remember I enjoyed colors, painting, handcrafts, building, just creating something. Looking back, I spent a lot of time painting in addition to my job, being an architect, which is not only reflected by the number of paintings I find in my storage. I painted in different locations, constellations and with different intentions: at home, in nature, alone, with friends, in different groups, in the social field, as a job, for learning, for exhibitions or just for myself. 

Retro-Perspective is a first selection of images from the past 25 years. Both, the look backwards to the beginning as well as the outlook in to the future are still to come……..

"I always loved colors and the possibilities of white paper"